Internet Relations: makkie and LadyKenai's engagement
August 5, 2008

One year ago today, I flew from Alaska to Germany to meet makkie (Marc). I met him online around October 2006. We chatted and chatted with each other and others in #Mystical_Unicorns room on icq chat. We grew very, very fond of each other in our first few months of chat. Around January 10, 2007 we decided we should meet in person. For reasons beyond anyone's control it would be easier for us both, if I flew over the small pond for our first meeting. I really think I "did" know at the time, that he fell into my path, and I, in his, for a reason. We both have mutual feelings about that. This day a year ago, I had quite a few people all around the world, waiting to hear from me the minute I landed in Europe. I assured them I would be fine, but they insisted.


They are in alphabetical order:

agoincre8iv in California (most of the time) / Aloha59 in Hawaii / Anita in Alaska / barbareeba in North Carolina / Billbobaggins in Alaska / birdie in Canada / berni in New York / BristolBayGirl in Alaska / bonsue in Canada / canuck49 in California / Chicca in UK / Cindy in Alaska / ClarkG in Missouri / ^Daffy^ in California / eismccc in Alaska / elisiasmom in Washington State / Fannie Lou in Alaska / Genie500 in Canada / geraldine in Australia / greenlee in Canada / Ice_Queen in Alaska / Ivory June in Alaska / jake74 in Alaska / Jenobi in Canada / Jermz in Alaska / Justin1892 in Alaska / LoveableLance in Australia / marsha_marsh2 in Alaska / Matt in UK / MissMichelle in Alaska / MissPeel in New Zealand / nelda in Michigan ~ Texas / nsbirder aka NightSkys in Canada / Orcawaters in Washington State (Rest in peace my dear) / Patches in Washington State / Pat_N_OB in United Kingdom / peggy_eagle in Canada / Petafromoz in Australia / raven_mad in Canada / Renska in Alaska / Sarah98 in Alaska / Shelps in Germany / SnazzlySnooze in Australia / snOWEdrop in Washington State / Summer in Germany / VJ Wright in Alaska

Note: pause/stop right click and select 'play'
We spent the night in Germany at a nice hotel and took the train to Holland the next day. We have been back and forth to Alaska since then and have gotten along very well together also from that day on we have been with each other 24/7 except for a few hours when we went to Alaska @*)%*)$ Airlines! haha. Today, he wanted to take me on a ride He wouldn't tell me where we were going. I kinda knew he would take me somewhere we haven't been together, but wasn't sure where, that is all I was expecting this day, we took a tram to Rotterdam Centraal Station. We then got on "the Sprinter" train and rode to Hoek Van Holland, a beach at the corner of Holland at the end of the Maas River where it meets the ocean.
We walked along the beach and over to the long pier that goes way out into the water, we stopped along the way and had one of our favorite beverages and finished walking out to the end of the pier. He turned to me and said he had something to ask me, I said go ahead sweeetie. He asked me to marry him! I welled up in tears and said yes, but I had grabbed him so tight he didn't hear me really well, he had to ask again, "is that a yes"? I said, "YES sweeetie" I have never been asked that question by anyone in my whole life, I really didn't know how to react, and I was thinking he was very brave to ask, but he knows I love him so, so very much. I couldn't get over it that he asked me. Then he said he has something for me! I think I almost lost it then! I put the ring on, and it could not have been better, it fit just right. I had a few more tears and also had this feeling I had never had before, like many Marc has given me in the past year and before we ever met in person.

We went to dinner at very nice restaurant at the beginning of the pier. The whole day was like a fairy tale story. I have NEVER had a better day in my life *Smiles*

OMG I am engaged!!! I am the happiest girl in the world *Smiles* Thank you everyone who stood behind both of us this whole time.

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