New Years Eve 2008 Rotterdam 'part 1'

New Year's Eve 2008 in Holland is like no other, a few days before the actual new year's eve day itself, Netherlander's get ready for the big day. But, they cannot wait, all day long we hear boom! bang! pop, then the day finally comes. As soon as we woke up people are playing with all shapes and sizes of fireworks. All day long! Closer to midnight around 10 pm, things get a little louder, around 10 minutes to midnight people start to take their christmas trees, planks, boards and anything they would like to get rid of and pile it up in the street waiting for the big moment. By midnight the fires are lit, the fireworks are going full blast!!! Look at our videos!!! If you have seen a better fireworks display, we would love for you to tell us! We do hope you enjoy as much as we did. Please send your comments, we would love to hear from you. Happy New Year 2009!!! May all your wishes and dreams come true :)

The whole video is total length of 30 minutes, we have cut it into 9 pieces so all about 3 to 4 minutes each.

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New Years Eve 2008 Rotterdam '8 parts'
These videos were filmed by makkie and LadyKenai off our balcony, we think we had one of the best front row seats to the awesome display.

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