American Day at Rotterdam part 2 "written by LadyKenai"

Noisy motor bikes, classic cars , awesome trucks on display for all to see, we also got to look into a couple of great looking engines, there was even a couple of Dodge trucks with HEMIs in them!

We sat for a short break (sandwich and a beer) just a few feet away from us was the last table of the small market they had that day, I noticed a black sweatshirt that had bright red letters I could read from our seat "In case of a fire, look on back"! Well I just had to go see what the back of the shirt said, I told my partner what I was doing and while on my way back (I am so glad he didn't get a pic of my face at that moment) I looked at him and said, it said "I said, in case of a fire YOU IDIOT"! I could feel my face turn a very bright red.

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Also amoungst the excitement was a rock and roll Dj looking after the music on this Sunday with his huge semi-truck painted with the scene of "two harley's on the road"! A very nice side attraction. is thier website.

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Documented: 31 Aug 2008 | Posted: 7 Nov 2008