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19 April 2009
This story is about a friend of mine and his name is Ronald. One day he was at work just doing his usual things after a visit to the toilet he looked back at the loo and seen lots of blood and it freaked him out so much. He told the client where he was working at that time that he has to go to the hospital as soon as possible cause there was something wrong with him. I think I have a stomach bleeding and as stressed out as he was he hurried to his car and stepped on the gas on his way to the hospital. All sweating and freaked out sitting in the waiting room for his turn starting to worry more and more. Finally a nurse walked up to him and asked 'what is the problem' as he replied 'I have a stomach bleeding everything is red and bloody' as the nurse replied 'what did you have to eat yesterday'. Thinking and wondering to himself what was it and he said 'red gabbage'... the nurse said 'well... thats it !!'. He felt so relieved but also ashamed and wandered out of the hospital back to work. That day when he told me this story I was cracking up and couldn't stop laughing, I know the beginning of the story sounds serious but when you know the whole story I must say it was pretty hilarious.
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49 / 2008
Well I was sitting in the car waiting for Al to come out with his groceries and this lady was putting her little girl in her cart, she was in it not in the seat of the cart, inside, well anyway, just as she was coming out of the store she reached down and said "now you hang on to the edge" and I don't know how or why, but I said to myself, "there's Jeri and her little girl", well it was totally real, she had your mannerisms and everything, her smile she was very pretty and her little girl was too...but I swear you have an alter ego or something...isn't that crazy? I just started to cry, cause it was really you somehow.....way strange, and I sure can't explain it but is was really real..........unexplainable...isn't it.....well I know that's what they say and I believe it, but wasn't that something? It just overwhelmed me, and I knew it was you...now that is crazy but
44 / 2008
Dazzled by apple sauce!, supermarkets are a hectic place and don't you want to get by the register counter as soon as possible to leave the store with your product. Some of those employees don't care about their customers as I experienced, when I came up to the register and stepped into a puddle of apple sauce and slipped. Noone warned me while i was covered from my bum down to my toes in the apple sauce and all I got was a silly napkin to clean myself off.
43 / 2008
I am dazzled everyday in some shape or form by my sweeeeeetie, he always says or does something everyday that just amazes me! i feel so lucky :)