Session Start: Fri Dec 19 00:03:31 2008 (Posted: 19 Dec 2008)
Session Ident: RedClouds

In private chat with LadyKenai..

[00:03] <Red_Ocean> can i ask something
[00:04] <LadyKenai> sure
[00:04] <Red_Ocean> u know about wiccan?
[00:04] <LadyKenai> i have heard of it ...
[00:05] <LadyKenai> i don't know alot about it ....
[00:05] <Red_Ocean> whats r subject?
[00:05] <LadyKenai> i think it would come as a spiritual thing to someone
[00:05] <LadyKenai> lotsssssss
[00:05] <Red_Ocean> ?
[00:05] <LadyKenai> i like alot of things !
[00:05] <LadyKenai> too many to name or list :)
[00:06] <Red_Ocean> how many rooms have u got?
[00:06] <LadyKenai> um ..... a few
[00:06] <Red_Ocean> i am alone
[00:07] <LadyKenai> well you can visit our room anytime
[00:07] <Red_Ocean> i want to interest in some new subject
[00:07] <Red_Ocean> if u want i can help u
[00:08] <LadyKenai> what subject is that ?
[00:08] <Red_Ocean> everything
[00:08] <Red_Ocean> can i be r room assistant
[00:08] <LadyKenai> come to #www to visit with us

whois on join #www..

» Nick: Red_Ocean
» Name: Red_Ocean
» Hostmask: xyzXYZxyz@C8B0278.9D75CFBE.5243CDAA.IP
» Channels: +#www
» Server:
» Signed on at: Thursday 18/12/2008 23:53:43
» Time online: 38mins 20secs

00:08 (Red_Ocean) hi

00:08 * LadyKenai sets mode: +v Red_Ocean

00:09 (LadyKenai) hey there Red_Ocean
00:09 (Red_Ocean) hello
00:09 (LadyKenai) welcome to the room
00:09 (Red_Ocean) thanks
00:09 (Red_Ocean) can i be an assistant in room
00:09 (LadyKenai) sure ...
00:09 (LadyKenai) you have a voice for now ...
00:09 (Red_Ocean) thanks madam LadyKenai
00:09 (LadyKenai) you have to work your way to the top :)
00:09 (Red_Ocean) i will do all u ask
00:10 (Red_Ocean) i can watch r all rooms
00:11 (Red_Ocean) 24 male here
00:11 (Red_Ocean) u?
00:11 (LadyKenai) oh sry .... was in another room
00:11 (LadyKenai) well all we ask is to treat others nicely and so on ...
00:11 * LadyKenai has a son your age :)
00:12 (Red_Ocean) u accept me as r assistant?
00:12 * LadyKenai will give you a grade at the end of January .... how does that sound ? :)
00:12 (Red_Ocean) thanks
00:13 (Red_Ocean) i will have that madam LadyKenai.i will obey u everytime
00:13 (LadyKenai) well just treat everyone nice ...
00:13 (LadyKenai) there are no rules really
00:14 (Red_Ocean) ok madam LadyKenai
00:14 (LadyKenai) just LadyKenai is fine :)))
00:14 (Red_Ocean) but i am r assistant
00:15 (LadyKenai) yes of course you are
00:15 (Red_Ocean) thanks
00:15 (Red_Ocean) where is makkie?
00:15 * makkie waves
00:15 (Red_Ocean) hi
00:15 (makkie) can you see me now ??
00:15 (Red_Ocean) yes
00:15 (makkie) great :)
00:16 (Red_Ocean) i am a new one here
00:16 (Red_Ocean) 24 male
00:16 (Red_Ocean) i studied bus,ness in university
00:16 (makkie) welcome to the room
00:16 (Red_Ocean) thanks
00:16 (Red_Ocean) can i know u?
00:16 (makkie) yeah but i dont need an assistant
00:17 (Red_Ocean) ok
00:17 (Red_Ocean) what does u do?
00:17 (Red_Ocean) r jobs?
00:18 (makkie) professionally unemployed
00:18 (Red_Ocean) lol
00:19 (Red_Ocean) housewife?
00:19 (makkie) no im not a wife
00:19 (Red_Ocean) ok
00:19 (Red_Ocean) sorry madam makkie
00:20 (makkie) just makkie..
00:20 (Red_Ocean) why do u have so much rooms
00:20 (makkie) what business do you study ?
00:20 (Red_Ocean) trade
00:21 (makkie) you meet ppl in here then in there but they dont know each other so after a while you kinda know ppl all over from different rooms
00:21 (Red_Ocean) ok
00:22 (makkie) you whoising me ?
00:22 (Red_Ocean) ?
00:22 (makkie) how do you know i have so many rooms ?
00:22 (Red_Ocean) i can see here
00:23 (makkie) are you on webtv?
00:23 (Red_Ocean) no
00:23 (makkie) ok
00:23 (Red_Ocean) if u want i can join
00:23 (makkie) naah im not there anyway
00:23 (Red_Ocean) ok
00:23 (makkie) so whats up ??
00:24 (Red_Ocean) i am your and LadyKenai's assistant
00:24 (makkie) you cant be my assistant
00:24 (Red_Ocean) ok
00:24 (makkie) you have not registered your nick
00:25 (LadyKenai) uh oh !
00:25 (Red_Ocean) after register,can i be r assistant too?
00:25 (makkie) *** Log book IRC 'All assistants must have registered nick'
00:25 (Red_Ocean) ok
00:25 (makkie) maybe
00:25 (Red_Ocean) i will
00:26 (Red_Ocean) but i want to have a new nick
00:26 (makkie) ok
00:26 (Red_Ocean) please u and madam LadyKenai pick me a new nick
00:26 (makkie) go ahead , i'll wait
00:26 (makkie) RedClouds
00:27 (Red_Ocean) ok
00:27 (Red_Ocean) how i will register my nick
00:27 (makkie) you dont know ..

00:27 * Red_Ocean is now known as RedClouds

00:27 (RedClouds) i forget madam makkie
00:28 (RedClouds) whats the way of register
00:29 (LadyKenai) is that what your nick will be from now till the end of time ?
00:29 (makkie) /cs register [password] [email]
00:29 (RedClouds) yes madam makkie
00:29 (makkie) you can dont that madam
00:29 (makkie) dont - stop*
00:31 (makkie)
00:32 (LadyKenai) you registering your nick RedClouds
00:32 (LadyKenai) ?
00:32 (RedClouds) no
00:32 (RedClouds) it was writen fault
00:32 (makkie) you cant be an assistant then
00:32 (RedClouds) please wait
00:33 * makkie awaits

meanwhile a whois on RedClouds..

» Nick: RedClouds
» Name: Red_Ocean
» Hostmask: xyzXYZxyz@C8B0278.9D75CFBE.5243CDAA.IP
» Channels: #ophelp #IrCQHelp +#www
» Server:
» Signed on at: Thursday 18/12/2008 23:53:43
» Time idle: 4secs
» Time online: 40mins 47secs

back to the channel..

00:35 (LadyKenai) RedClouds don't use the [ ]
00:35 (RedClouds) ok
00:36 (LadyKenai) Be Right Back in a min :)
00:36 * makkie will be back in a flash
00:37 (RedClouds) i have made makkie

whois to check the truth..

» Nick: RedClouds
» Registered Nickname: Yes.
» Channels: +#www

back to the channel..

00:40 (LadyKenai) Allrighty i am back to the keyboard!
00:40 (RedClouds) wb madam LadyKenai
00:40 (LadyKenai) Thank you bunches!!! :)
00:41 (makkie) ok RedClouds are you ready ?
00:41 (RedClouds) yes madam
00:41 (LadyKenai) Congratulations RedClouds !
00:41 (makkie) im going to make you an officialy assistant
00:41 (RedClouds) thank you madam
00:41 (LadyKenai) ohhh makkie your sooo good !

00:42 * makkie sets mode: +h RedClouds

00:42 (RedClouds) i will obey both you everytime.i promise
00:42 (LadyKenai) wow RedClouds congrats!
00:42 (RedClouds) i am ready
00:42 (makkie) there are rules tho
00:43 (RedClouds) ok madam
00:43 (makkie) you have to be polite to people
00:43 (RedClouds) ok madam
00:43 (makkie) thats it really
00:44 (RedClouds) ok madam
00:44 * LadyKenai looks into her hour glass ...
00:44 (LadyKenai) i think someone is coming !

00:44 * LadyKenai sets mode: +v ecliptic

00:44 (makkie) hello ecliptic
00:44 (LadyKenai) heya ecliptic !
00:44 (ecliptic) evening :)
00:44 (RedClouds) hi ecliptic
00:44 (ecliptic) hi makkie
00:44 (ecliptic) hi LadyKenai
00:44 (ecliptic) hi RedClouds
00:44 (makkie) how are you ?
00:44 (LadyKenai) hugsss ecliptic :)))
00:45 (ecliptic) i am in a very good mood ;)
00:45 (LadyKenai) oh nice !!!!!
00:45 notice -> -RedClouds- ecliptic is not an assistant
00:45 (LadyKenai) we are lucky then ! lol ecliptic

meanwhile in private chat with makkie..

00:46 (RedClouds) can i talk to ecliptic madam?
00:46 (makkie) yes of course

back to the channel..

00:46 (ecliptic) be carefull, if i am in best mood you can't stopp laughing :P
00:46 (LadyKenai) awww allrighty ecliptic ! i am sure we can handle it
00:46 (ecliptic) He He He
00:46 (RedClouds) i am new here ecliptic.nice to meet u
00:46 (ecliptic) Okay
00:47 (ecliptic) nice to meet you too
00:47 (ecliptic) i am new to this room but not new to IRC
00:47 (LadyKenai) RedClouds is new and seems to be a good fellow
00:48 (ecliptic) RedClouds germany here, were are you from if i may ask?
00:48 * LadyKenai was wondering also :)
00:48 (RedClouds) from Turkey
00:48 (makkie) yeah ?
00:48 (makkie) aha
00:49 (RedClouds) istanbul
00:49 (RedClouds) u makkie?
00:49 (makkie) i am from holland
00:49 (ecliptic) merhaba RedClouds
00:49 (makkie) rotterdam
00:49 (RedClouds) goethnight
00:50 (RedClouds) sorry for wrong spelling
00:50 (makkie) whats it mean ?.. do you mean.. goedenacht ?
00:50 (RedClouds)
00:50 (RedClouds) sorry
00:50 (makkie) you was close

back to the private chat with LadyKenai..

[00:55] <RedClouds> you are very good person.i will obey u everytime
[00:55] <LadyKenai> well you are also :))) thank you
[01:05] <RedClouds> did i do good in room madam?
[01:06] <LadyKenai> yes ... your doing good
[01:06] <RedClouds> thank u madam.if i do a fault,please warn me
[01:13] <RedClouds> madam.can i ask something
[01:13] <LadyKenai> sure
[01:13] <RedClouds> why do u have so much rooms?
[01:14] <LadyKenai> well different friends ... and so on
[01:14] <LadyKenai> we are on two servers also ....
[01:14] <RedClouds> i am your assistant on all
[01:15] <LadyKenai> ok ... sounds good
[01:15] <RedClouds> believe me madam.u will never see me disobedient
[01:17] <LadyKenai> ok RedClouds sounds good :) that is the way it should be :)
[01:18] <RedClouds> I am obedient.u and makkie will see everytime madam
[01:22] <RedClouds> trust me madam?
[01:23] <LadyKenai> oh yes of course RedClouds you are doing great :)

back to the channel some time later..

01:28 (RedClouds) i can compete all u ladies
01:29 (LadyKenai) RedClouds makkie is MR makkie !!!!
01:29 (LadyKenai) he isn't a lady :)
01:29 (makkie) im not a lady
01:29 (RedClouds) then lets compete
01:30 (makkie) complete what
01:32 (makkie) RedClouds are you still there
01:32 * makkie is a male .. yes
01:32 (RedClouds) here
01:32 (makkie) you still wanna be my assistant ?
01:33 (RedClouds) no

01:33 * makkie sets mode: -h RedClouds

01:33 (makkie) ok :\
01:33 (LadyKenai) awwwww

meanwhile in private chat with LadyKenai..

[01:30] <RedClouds> makkie is a man?
[01:32] <LadyKenai> yes ....
[01:32] <LadyKenai> he is
[01:32] <RedClouds> why when i call that as madam,u ddnt say
[01:33] <LadyKenai> well we tried to tell you
[01:33] <RedClouds> u ddnt
[01:34] <RedClouds> u didnt
[01:35] <LadyKenai> he said ... just call me makkie
[01:35] <RedClouds> u made me fun
[01:35] <LadyKenai> noooo
[01:36] <LadyKenai> you kept calling him that ... he told you no
[01:37] <RedClouds> i can be only your assistant
[01:37] <LadyKenai> yes of course ... no problem at all
[01:38] <RedClouds> u havent your only own room?
[01:38] <LadyKenai> #LadyKenai
[01:38] <LadyKenai> and #Eagle_Central
[01:39] <RedClouds> u share these with him
[01:39] <RedClouds> only yours
[01:39] <LadyKenai> they are mine ....
[01:39] <RedClouds> but he is in
[01:40] <LadyKenai> yes .... he won't bother you
[01:41] <RedClouds> i want to be only your servant
[01:42] <RedClouds> i can do all u ask
[01:43] <LadyKenai> well just be yourself ... and enjoy yourself in the room
[01:43] <RedClouds> am i still r servant?
[01:44] <LadyKenai> sure
[01:44] <RedClouds> your servant redcouds will obey you madam LadyKenai
[01:45] <LadyKenai> ok ... well go into www and talk then ok ?
[01:45] <RedClouds> ok madam
[01:47] <RedClouds> i dont want to talk to him madam
[01:52] <LadyKenai> ohhhh how come ?
[01:52] <RedClouds> i dont want to talk to him madam
[01:53] <LadyKenai> ok then
[01:53] <RedClouds> dont think this disobediency
[01:54] <LadyKenai> well RedClouds if you want to be an assistant you have have to make some sacrifices sometimes
[01:55] <RedClouds> i have to do this for being a good servant?
[01:55] <LadyKenai> well yes i think so :)
[01:55] <RedClouds> ok madam
[01:56] <RedClouds> i will obey your order
[01:56] <RedClouds> i am completely yours here
[01:56] <LadyKenai> ok :)
[01:56] <LadyKenai> well RedClouds it is hard to tell what someone says until you get to know them
[01:56] <LadyKenai> :)
[01:56] <LadyKenai> makkie is a very nice person
[01:57] <RedClouds> but he knows i will obey you like a dog.he can make me fun
[01:57] <LadyKenai> ohhhh he won't do that
[01:58] <RedClouds> important things for me,u believe me,i will obey u like a dog?
[01:58] <LadyKenai> ok ....
[01:58] <RedClouds> any order to me?
[01:59] <LadyKenai> no not right now ... just enjoy yourself dear
[01:59] <RedClouds> he doesnt want to talk madam
[02:00] <LadyKenai> just talk him .... he will talk
[02:02] <RedClouds> I am happy
[02:02] <LadyKenai> well i am glad
[02:03] <RedClouds> i was looking for a clever and educated lady madam LadyKenai.i wanted find and being her net i found
[02:04] <LadyKenai> RedClouds just enjoy yourself ....
[02:04] <LadyKenai> why do you think you have to be a servant to someone ?
[02:04] <RedClouds> i want this
[02:04] <RedClouds> if u allow me
[02:04] <LadyKenai> ok RedClouds ....
[02:05] <RedClouds> i will obey you here.will u dominate me really?
[02:06] <LadyKenai> RedClouds if you want to talk .... if your my assistant .... we have to talk in the channel
[02:06] * LadyKenai closes pvt window

meanwhile in the channel..

01:39 (makkie) you ignoring me now RedClouds ?
01:39 (makkie) booo!!
01:47 (makkie) so how are things RedClouds ?
01:52 (LadyKenai) Allrighty i am back to the keyboard!
01:52 (RedClouds) wb LadyKenai
01:52 (LadyKenai) Thank you bunches!!! :)
01:52 (makkie) you know its rude to ignore ppl
01:56 (RedClouds) back
01:56 (RedClouds) hello again
01:57 (LadyKenai) oh hello RedClouds welcome back :)
01:57 (RedClouds) thanks LadyKenai
01:58 * makkie sighs
01:59 (RedClouds) hi makkie
01:59 * makkie doesnt want to talk to you anymore !
01:59 (RedClouds) its r choose
01:59 (LadyKenai) makkie be nice !!!!
02:01 (makkie) i am
02:02 (LadyKenai) ok then :))))

Session Close: Fri Dec 19 02:06:32 2008

Posted by: makkie, you never know what you get or who is at the other end of the chat. We think this is hilarious and not offending anybody, we even think RedClouds was pulling our chain but we played along.