Session Start: unknown (Posted: 17 Dec 2008)
Session Ident: Squib (note: Squib is an irc bot preprogrammed)

<LadyKenai> holy evening ... didn't know that is what you call it :)
<niki> i work thursday
<Squib> I came ,I saw, I conquered
* LadyKenai has been putting ads up for our new site .... that is what i been working on
<Shelps> the day before christmas , LadyKenai
* Squib tries to bed LadyKenai
<LadyKenai> we had 147 visitors yesterday : )
<LadyKenai> oh ok Shelps got it .. yes
<Shelps> christmas eve in english
<Squib> Help! I need somebody - Help!
<LadyKenai> yes : )
<Shelps> 147???
<Shelps> wow.. great!!!
<LadyKenai> yeah !!!
<Squib> hey Shelps do you know that ... The percent of women who wash their hands after using a restroom is 80%.
<niki> brb
<LadyKenai> k niki
<Squib> hurry back
<Shelps> hb
<niki> kiss me Squib..or i wont come back!!!!!!!!!
<Shelps> onl y80 , Squib?
* LadyKenai wonders how does Squib know that ! lol
* Squib counts LadyKenai's money
<Shelps> he spies, Lady
<Shelps> lol
<niki> lol
<LadyKenai> bad 20% of those gals !
<LadyKenai> Laughs Out Really Loud :)
<niki> squib is in my pvtttttttttttttttt
<Squib> gollygosh!
<niki> omg
<LadyKenai> ruh oh niki !!!! haha
<niki> omg
<Shelps> lol niki
<niki> im serious
<Shelps> yeah I believe you
<Shelps> hahahaha
<niki> you think im joking
* LadyKenai doesn't want to know !
<niki> omg
<Squib> telling a secret is like having sex..when you did don't want to miss it anymore (mussy)
<LadyKenai> lmao ... just kidding !
<Shelps> say hi or hello or how are you
* Squib hits LadyKenai with a pink piece of cotton wool
<Shelps> or his name
<niki> i dont want to open the window
<LadyKenai> Laughs Out Really Loud :)
<Shelps> do it
<Shelps> lol
* LadyKenai is laughing !
<Squib> gollygosh!
<Shelps> he won't bite you!
<LadyKenai> you scared niki ?
<niki> wait
* Squib asks LadyKenai for a dance
<niki> yessssssssssssss
<niki> hahaha
<LadyKenai> you asked for a kisss
<niki> omg
<niki> lolz