Session Start: Sat Dec 6 11:36:59 2008
Session Ident: bestboy
11:17 * www [] has left IRC
11:17 * Your nick is now www

<bestboy> send ur photo :))
11:18 (www) what photo ?
11:19 (bestboy) aaur photo:))
11:19 (bestboy) your photo
11:20 (www) why
11:20 (bestboy) just want see ur sweet face
11:20 (www) gross...
11:21 (bestboy) ok
11:21 (bestboy) why gross?
11:22 (www) your talking to somebody else
11:22 (bestboy) no
11:22 (bestboy) just talkýng to u
11:22 (bestboy) why ask
11:22 (www) i just came online with this nickname i dont know what your talking about
11:23 (bestboy) what u mean?
11:23 (www) that i am not the person you were just talking to
11:23 (www) im from holland
11:23 (bestboy) ok
11:23 (bestboy) understed
11:24 (www) i guess you were in chat with someone else using this nick
11:24 (bestboy) ohh understed
11:24 (bestboy) who are u ?
11:24 (www) sorry didnt mean confuse you
11:24 (bestboy) whats ur asl?
11:24 (www) 37 male holland
11:25 (www) who are you ?
11:25 (bestboy) sorry
11:25 (www) its oke no worries
11:26 (www) so who are you ?
11:27 (www) i come online and you want to see my sweet face ? dont think i ever had a guy asking me that
11:27 (bestboy) soorryyy i was talk one girl the same nick name
11:28 (bestboy) sorryy about hýs
11:28 (bestboy) bye
11:28 (www) oke i understand , sorry for the personality change lol