Session Start: Thu Feb 21 15:08:59 2008
Session Ident: wibra
15:09 <wibra> it is her ?
15:09 (betty) ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
15:09 (wibra) i need to remove her
15:09 (betty) what the heck has she done
15:09 (betty) wow
15:09 (wibra) she knew my password and was changing things being nice to me but not always to others so i don't want her to have control over my room
15:10 (betty) good for you !!!
15:10 (wibra) she was upsetting people
15:10 (betty) yeah we are wondering if she is a guy ... lol
15:10 (betty) she talks like it sometimes
15:10 (wibra) thats why i'm doing this
15:10 (betty) good ....